Frequently Asked Questions

When will you ship out my order?
We try our best to ship out your order the same day it was placed. However, if items are out of stock, we will try contacting you through phone or email to confirm if you would like us to send your incomplete order or to varify if you would like us to replace the sold out item with something else before we ship out.

Can you ship USPS?
Absolutely! We currently don't have a USPS account. Everything we ship is through UPS, thus if you would like us to ship USPS you can provide us with a shipping label and we'll ship it out at no extra cost to you.

How is shipping price determined?
All of our shipping prices are determined by UPS WorldShip Services. Estimate vary by weight and distance. We generally ship UPS Ground, but can ship 2-Day, 3-Day expidited shipping if requested.